This global power adapter makes traveling with USB-C devices less of a pain

This global power adapter makes traveling with USB-C devices less of a pain

Zendure’s Passport 30W global adapter doesn’t revolutionize the tedious process of powering your tech while traveling abroad. But one feature makes it so much better than any other one that I’ve used before: USB-C. Like its predecessor, there’s a smattering of USB-A ports along one of its sides, but this newer version that launched in late 2019 includes a single USB-C port that can charge at up to 30W. That’s quick enough to fast charge almost any phone or tablet, a Nintendo Switch, or power banks. It can even be used to power some low-power laptops, such as the MacBook Air, and for a recent vacation of mine to India, it made all of the difference.

When I travel, there are a few gadgets that I absolutely must bring along: my phone (obviously), Nintendo Switch, a power bank, and my white noise machine. My wife brings her phone along, as well as her Samsung Chromebook Plus. No single global adapter (that I’m aware of, at least) can bring power to all of these things simultaneously, but Zendure’s makes the juggle fairly — dare I say — pleasant to manage. Thankfully, not every device required a recharge each night, so finding a spot for all of my gadgets wasn’t too difficult. My Pixel 3 gets a charge from this adapter’s USB-C port, while my wife’s Pixel 3 plugs into one of the adapter’s outlets with its 18W wall charger — both of which are able to recharge at their fastest supported charging speeds.
I still have three USB-A ports to spare, one of which goes to my white noise machine, and another is used by my power bank (I can take the hit of slowly charging it overnight via its Micro USB). That leaves one left to spare, and if I was someone who used an Apple Watch or another wearable, it’s nice to know that I’d have room for that to charge, too.

Zendure’s global adapter tops out at 30W of power for all of its USB ports (and up to 30W for the USB-C port when used alone), so if you’re crowding it with devices, your overall charge speed will be reduced. But even with all of these devices plugged in, things charged quickly enough, and importantly, I never woke up the next morning to dead batteries. I would have appreciated even more USB-C ports, since most of the personal devices in our home get their power from that connector type. But having just one made charging my stuff easier than I imagined it would.

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