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LG proBeam is a $1500, crazy bright portable laser projector

LG proBeam is a $1500, crazy bright portable laser projector
Though television screens are getting larger and cheaper, if you want a huge screen on the cheap a projector is still the way to go. Over the years, LG has released a number of projectors including the oddball $9K Hecto in 2013 a product which seems to inform the company's latest creation.
Like the Hecto, the LG ProBeam HF80J is a laser projector, but the difference is it's no longer trying to be a TV without a box. The ProBeam is a projector aimed at people who want a portable projector at home with a dedicated screen, or at least a sheet hung in the backyard.
The projector is able to output a picture of up to 2,000 lumens in brightness. LG claims this is the first laser projector to do this.
The LG is designed to be compact and lightweight at 2.1 kilograms (4.6 pounds). For image adjustment it comes with a "unique" four-corner keystone and vertical auto keystone.
The ProBeam offers Bluetooth streaming in addition to Miracast for mobile phone mirroring. The projector also has a full complement of smart TV features with the company's WebOS on board, which should make internet streaming easy.  
The projector is available now for $1,499 or £1,499, with Australian pricing and availability yet to be announced. You could expect pricing to be in the vicinity of AU$3,000, however.

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