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Samsung Galaxy Note9 your best phone purchase

Samsung Galaxy Note is a postal handset for smartphones since its establishment in 2011, and the last repetition is completely different. Galaxy Note9 was a bigger screen, faster processor, more memory, larger battery, and even more intelligent pen. The price tag is $ 1,000, so the update is still the most expensive Galaxy Note today.

The evolution of the exquisite look.
It's not surprising to see the design of the Samsung Galaxy Note9. The last one that debuted earlier this year as Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 + is the best fingerprint sensor for model wearers. Larger phones are X-inspired Android opponents on the iPhone screen.

Galaxy Note9 has a larger screen than the previous versions. The 6.4-inch Super AMOLED display panel is a modern production standard and is ideal for its bright colors, infinite brightness, brightness and sunlight.

"Samsung" offers "Ocean Blue" notes. Black and copper versions of other markets may come to the United States.

Pen Signature S takes a big update
By adding Bluetooth connectivity, Samsung has already put a lot of new features into it. The signature feature of Galaxy Note is currently in the form of a remote camera shutter, and is a convenient presentation consul amongst other things. Samsung has developed an advanced software application that allows future applications to use.

Similarly, S Pen comes with the very first batch of software packages that will help you use the very best software package and the best possible capabilities. Until now, one S Pen is enough to install Note9 separately from its competitors.

You can not beat the amazing power and battery life
Note9 is a great smartphone and thanks to the huge amount of RAM with Snapdragon 845 Qualcomm chipset and invisible multitasking. Also equipped with high-class competitors is a unique cooling system that recognizes Note9. Most mobile phones slow down the processor down to a certain level. It happens at the advanced level, such as graphic intensive games.

Samsung has the same performance as the powerful chipset. Notebook 4000 mA battery works all day.

Compatibility with Dolby Atmos Galaxy Note9 stereo speakers perfectly improves their front-facing display. The author of AKG offers a well-designed, sound-friendly keyboard.

You will get a real, interactive Android interface.
Note9 offers Android features with features. In fact, you have no problem with the user interface that you can not set up with fixed-time clocks and color-display features.

With Samsung DEX, it is possible to use Galaxy Note9 as a desktop, but it needs a dial-up device. We tested it and found that it works very well.
Samsung Bixby Virtual Assistant is part of the user interface. It is used more than the previous one, but does not match the Google Assistant. We want to be able to run a special button for something else.

Having more features requires that you have to be patient with Android updates. Galaxy Note9 starts with Android Oreo and the latest release called Pie should appear a few months later. However, it should be noted that the phone will receive a monthly security update that is important in time.

Take pictures of the camera.
The dual Note9 camera settings are the same as the Samsung Galaxy S9 +. It has a 12-megapixel core unobstructed camera and a 12 megapixel secondary camera. Camera sensors have stabilized optical images.

The different features of the phone offer a new script mode that automatically detects objects and improves the image. There are 20 pre-loaded modes, including multiple Instagram versions.

According to Samsung's tradition, Galaxy Note9 takes pictures and videos with special qualities in all lighting conditions. This is related to the expected rate and stability of the four-wire price line.

Our decision is Samsung's most advanced smartphone
Today's Galaxy Note9 is the most advanced Samsung smartphone and is today the most widely available smartphone. It offers power and performance, and will satisfy the most demanding users.

Samsung did not leave anything behind Note9 for performance and productivity. Register all phones dreamed by Android users.

Samsung Galaxy Note9 comes with 6GB of RAM and 128 GB of memory. 8 GB RAM and 512GB of RAM will give you $ 1,250. For a cheaper price, Samsung offers a generous exchange program for paying older phones for $ 450.

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