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Iota is a small, more portable version of Solowheel's private vehicle

We are satisfied with the Solowheel function, but the complexity of the complex is very complicated. Simply put, it's too big. Solowheel Iota is a combination of the self-balancing carrier function and the more compact.
The new built-in wheels designed by the inventors allow both sides of the wheel to design the same wheelbase and allow the front to position the front when leaving the smallest incline. This will allow you to set a more compact package, while also providing a safer horse compared to a more wide-angle vehicle.

The Solowheel Iota connects with a combination of a pair of 8-inch wheels with a combination of retractable rows, which makes it easy to carry with a hand and breaks enough space to fit into a small nest. Although the size is small, weighs about 250 kilos and travels at an altitude of 8 kilometers. There is no detailed information about the maximum speed, but the 1000 watts use the motor power, so it should bring some proper muscles to your last miles.
It is also smaller than the original Solowheel, and weighs only 8 pounds and the first is 40%. It requires only 40 minutes to charge. Therefore, it is not necessary to make long calls to work in full capacity.

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