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Anker eufy genie the most affordable speaker alexa-powered out there

Anker eufy genie the most affordable speaker alexa-powered out there
We are big fans of Echo Dot from Amazon, which for the longest time was the cheapest way to bring Alexa to your house with a price of $ 50. Now this has changed with the help of Anker Eufy Genue, the bass analog-acoustic systems that exchange functions in favor of shaving $ 15 from the cheapest Amazon speaker.
A smart speaker with voice control, the device comes with Alexa from Amazon, so you can use it to manage the playlist, access your intelligent home devices and answer the entire query. He also has full access to the Alexa skills database, which allows you to strengthen basic capabilities with more than 10,000 special skills, which makes him a viable alternative to other sharks with Alexa support.
Do you know, as we said, that Anker Eufy Genie has reduced the chances for the price to be as low as possible? We are not kidding, since this piece comes only with a 2W speaker. Despite this, it actually has a better sound than the Echo Dot (and the reviews seem to confirm that it's twice as loud as the Dot), thanks to the aluminum cone speaker setup, so you get better sound than the cheapest one Smart speaker Amazon. Back side? It does not have Bluetooth, which in fact is a Dot solution for its poor sound quality, because it allows a tiny speaker to transfer music to a better speaker in your home (which probably is). With this thing, it's not an option, so you're stuck with a 2W loudspeaker, if you want Alexa to control your playlist.
Of course, they left Wi-Fi, so the devil can connect to the Internet, although you are limited to the 2.4 GHz band, since they do not include 5 GHz support, they seem to cut costs even further. To ensure an excellent collection of commands, the speaker is equipped with Audiosmart sound processor with long range flight, which detects sound from 360 degrees, highlighting and removing noise so you can issue commands even when the music is played through the speakers.
If you absolutely can not listen to music on Anker Eufy Genie, when you have a good Sonos speaker in your living room, it offers an audio output, so you can connect it via the auxiliary port to get the best sound around the house. According to Anker, they plan to release a version with Bluetooth support, which is $ 5 more expensive than the current unit.
As for the feature set, the speaker can do pretty much everything that Amazon speakers can do, except for Alexa Calls, who saw how the speaker turned into a stand-alone chat device. The software update is planned to fix in the future, by the way, so you can still talk to your friends via Alex in a few weeks or months. Oh yes, it also does not provide support for native Spotify and Pandora, although both also promise software updates. It comes with its own application, which you will need to configure once (just once), after which you can do everything else from the Alexa application from Amazon.
Anker Eufy Genie is available now.

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