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Apple’s AirPods are the perfect accessory to meditation apps

Apple’s AirPods are the perfect accessory to meditation apps
Maybe I'm a little late for the movement of the hestag-awareness, but recently I started using a meditation application. There are many articles advertising the perceived benefits of meditation practices, ranging from "charting new ways in the brain" and staying in a zen-like state when talking about politics, and in recent years the market for mental health and meditation services has grown to more than $ 1 billion. But for me the incentive was convenience: my application for training in the gym began offering meditation practices for free, and for a while they pushed me in the face every time I opened the application.
What surprised me more than my almost immediate adoption of this new feature in an application (which the gym called "Headstrong", not to be confused with the wildly popular Headspace) is how much I love to wear Apple's wireless AirPods, while I know, I know: fetishizing product Apple, trying to achieve mental clarity, thanks to a practice that, by its roots, should help suppress earthly desires, is ridiculous funny. In addition, a great warning! well suited to everyone, and poorly fitting headphones just as annoying as the tweets of Donald Trump read aloud to you, trying to meditate (good luck with that).
But, unlike my colleague from Verge, Sean O'Kane, AirPods feel good in my ears, and when I wear them, I can almost forget that they are there. I can sit or lie down or lie down, and then sit down, and they are there, but I do not understand what they are there. Behind my head there are no neck straps or cables piercing my ears or tiny shark fins that have poked my ear cartilage; and there's no hanging wire tickling around my face and holding me tied to my smartphone. I'm completely free from six or ten or fourteen minutes, or at least I can convince myself that I'm not burdened, because it still works on the smartphone.
As they entered the market, I wore AirPods during various events, and overall I was impressed by their endurance. I walked, rose, ran, jumped up a rope and lifted loads, carrying them. For some reason they remain in my ears. The only time I was in danger of losing the tiny keys to my ears was that I pulled a sweatshirt on my head, and someone hit her way, bound with linens.
But in almost all actions I still understand them very well, whether because I consciously listen to a musical playlist or because someone comments on them, or because I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror in the gym and thought, God , I became one of the people of AirPods.
When I sit there trying to use the meditation application, AirPods become another reason that I must forget to forget. I can still hear the surrounding noise from the outside world, but there is also a voice whispering directly into my ears, which feels that it is twisting around the edges of my brain. If you've ever used headphones to fall asleep, you know the feeling: there's a low noise of the TV, maybe it's the noise of voices from another room or in the car, enough to let you know what's going on around you, but your focus is on that you have chosen to listen.
Many people use meditative applications without AirPods. Many people meditate without using any application or manual at all. You do not need AirPods for meditation. But for me they have become an amazingly perfect accessory.

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