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Samsung's Note7 post mortem turns up 2 problems

Samsung's Note7 post mortem turns up 2 problems
Samsung is going to release the results of its Galaxy Note7 investigation on Monday, explaining the main causes of the problems that led to the death of the phone.
Three independent firms for quality control and analysis of supply chain of Samsung, brought for investigation, came to the conclusion that Note7 suffered from two separate issues, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal said Friday, citing people familiar with the matter.
One was battery problem; the other was rush to market.
If the battery is suitable
Battery problem reportedly arose with the batteries manufactured by Samsung SDI, which did not fit into the phone properly, leading to overheating of certain devices to catch fire or even explode.
Response, Samsung obviously had to increase the production of the devices note 7 using batteries manufactured by Amperex technology, which he believed to be safe.
This increase in pressure on production, which may have led to problems with production.
The assumption that the poor fit of the test caused overheating problems " points to a lack of understanding of the electrochemical effects of charging," said Werner Gertz, Director of research at Gartner.
When the Li-ion battery is charged, the heat generated in the battery management system because of the "imperfect of the effectiveness of the integrated circuits of the charger," he told the e-Commerce times. Then the lithium-ion cell begins to swell, effectively becoming thicker. Swell " is particularly noticeable in rechargeable Li-polymer elements that have a soft outer hull.
Swelling is exacerbated when lithium-ion batteries are charged quickly, Gertz noted. "We believe that Samsung is using Qualcomm technology called "fast charging" to quickly recharge the battery."
If the smartphone's Form factor is poorly designed, the internal airflow cannot ventilate the heat generated inside, and battery swelling can cause mechanical pressure on the cell design, he explained.
"In the worst case this may cause the cathode and anode will be reduced and [will lead to] a rapid discharge of energy, said the Savings - which, combined with the heat can lead to heat escape."
The battery charging voltage itself can be the reason.
"I just noticed from the photo parsed with note 7 that the battery [indicates] a charge voltage of 4.4 V instead of the usual 4.2 V, Powerstream technology CEO mark Lund said in e-Commerce.

Samsung Bruises

Problems Galaxy note 7 was in the reputation of both Samsung and its essence. The Federal civil aviation Authority of the United States banned air passengers to carry on devices on Board, and the South Korean government began an investigation into its malfunction.
About 95 percent of buyers Note7 around the world returned their devices after revocation, and operating profit for the mobile division of Samsung has decreased by 96 percent year on year from 2.1 billion dollars in the 3rd quarter of 2015 to $ 88 million in the 3rd quarter of 2016.
Total operating profit fell 30 percent to $ 4.6 billion, and the company predicted an additional $ 3.1 billion in operating profit before March 2017.
Samsung " should both fix the true cause of this inadequate testing problem and report that the problem is fixed," said Rob Anderle, chief analyst at Enderle group.
As note 7 and some elements in Samsung's line of washing machines have quality issues that "assumes they have a mass character of testing," Enderl said in e - Commerce.
"This is likely to happen again," he predicted, so consumers should be wary of " halo's top handsets that are trying to move along the cutting edge, or companies that have historically not conducted testing well."
Many people will likely not buy Samsung products, despite the findings of the report, said Enderle, adding: "I look at my products with caution now."

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