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This is the battery case every serious iPhone photographer needs

This is the battery case every serious iPhone photographer needs
Most likely, if you're serious about iPhone photography, you know all about the moment and its high-quality miniature lenses that attach to the camera.
Three years after its original success on Kickstarter, The company returns on a crowdfunding website to launch three new products: a slim battery case with dedicated shutter button and integrated lens-mount system, a wooden case barebones with built-in lens-mount, and a new wide-angle lens designed from the ground up for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in larger camera aperture.
"These are the best products we've ever made," says mark Barros, co-founder of Moment. "Designed for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, our new battery case, photo case and wide lens are the first products on the market to match the quality that Apple delivers. If you love shooting on your phone, these products are for you."
 Barros came to Mashable's office last week to show me prototypes of three products. Like the whole existing line of lenses and housings at the moment, the New transmission looks and feels good, not trashy. 
My favorite trio is the Battery Case for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, which will be sold for $ 99.99 ($79.99 for the Early Bird Special). It looks like a mix between Mophie and Apple Smart Battery Case, but it is better in all respects. 
It looks like a mix between Mophie and Apple Smart Battery Case, but it is better in all respects. 
Besides being easy to put on and remove (the top part will be folded back as in the Smart charging Case) it has a 2500 mAh battery, which is enough to charge it fully and then some with the shutter button, which works like a real camera (Half-press to autofocus and full press to shoot) combined with the moment the camera app and lens-mount bracket torque lenses.
But while Apple only makes a Smart Battery for the iPhone 7, not the iPhone 7 Plus, Moment sells a version for the larger iPhone with a 3500mah battery. In addition, you can install the lenses on both the conventional wide-angle camera and the body camera.
As with most popular battery cases, the Camera also redirects the sound from the bottom of the iPhone speaker up to you. 
Another nice touch is the ability to turn on and off the battery. On the mophie case, there is a physical switch that you can press to turn charging on/off. Smart battery Apple Case does not offer such control once it is turned on, it always charges your iPhone that sucks if you want to save energy for later use.
The switch is handy, but Barros says they decided not to turn it on because people might accidentally hit it. Instead, the battery photo case breaks the difference with the switching software within the moment app:
For those who don't need a built-in battery or might not want the extra bulk of the Photo Battery Case, Moment's also selling a new Photo Case for $29.99, available in "American Dark Walnut" or "Black Coated Canvas". 
The Photo Case doesn't have any shutter button like the company's existing lens cases they're just good looking cases that support Moment lenses and have a loop for attaching a lanyard.Cases are cool, but what about lenses? Moment's got one new lens: A newly designed aspherical wide angle lens with a larger lens diameter to better accommodate the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus' larger apertures. For existing Moment lens owners, Moment will offer a small adapter that'll convert the smaller diameter mount to the larger ones.

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