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Apple unveils budget friendly iPad, dresses iPhone in red

Apple unveils budget friendly iPad, dresses iPhone in red
Apple on Tuesday announced an update to the iPad, red iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, and a new video editing app for iOS.The iPad update has a 9.7 inch, 2048 x 1536 pixels Retina display with 264 pixels per inch, and Apple A9 with a 64 bit processor.
The device will be shipped in silver, gold and gray space with a starting price of$329 for 32GB of storage and Wi-only support. It will cost $ 459 for a 32GB unit with wifi and cellular support.As with previous models, the battery life of the new iPad is 10 hours. It has an 8-megapixel rear camera and a 1.2 MP front FaceTime group.The new iPad is available to order on Mach 24 from Apple's website and will be in Apple stores next week.
With the latest update to Apple's iPad lineup, it looks like: iPad Pro 12.9 inches ($799); iPad Pro 9.7 inch ($599); iPad mini 4 ($399) and iPad Pro 9.7 inch ($329).
Not quite a replacement air
Although the latest iPad replaces the iPad Air 2 in Apple's tablet lineup, it doesn't exactly supersede it.
"It's somewhere between the new device and the old device," said Carolina Milanesi, chief analyst at Creative Strategies.
"They have upgraded the main processor / silicone cockrings," she said that the school is in emergency condition. "Not only will performance be better, but other components like the camera will be faster."
Pricing is also an outstanding feature of the new iPad, Milanesi said, noting that " $329 for a 9.7-inch device is very aggressive."
Removing the old iPad from the clutches of the users
Attractive prices may tempt some iPad owners to upgrade their old hardware.
"The replacement cycle of the iPad is getting very long,' said Mikako Kitagawa, principal analyst at Gartner. "If you have a 3 - year or 4-year iPad, you can update it."Pricing can also attract new users to the Apple Universe."They were going to stretch the iPad market in the middle segment of the tablet market," Kitagawa said Cartoons.Competitive pressures can also play a role in Apple's new prices for entry-level tablets.This is an interesting strategic step for Apple," said Roda Alexander, Director of tablet and notebook research at IHS Markit."They held that the introductory price of $ 499, $ 9.7 for seven years", - she told TechNewsWorld. "This price is much higher than the competition, so it's a redesign of the product to bring it to a more competitive price.The lower price of an iPad may increase some of the iPad's additional sales," but not as much as many believe, " said Patrick Moorhead, chief analyst at Moor Insights and strategy."The biggest problem for larger tablets is the Windows two-in - one laptops and the touch Chromebook," he told TechNewsWorld.
Apple has unveiled red versions of its iPhone 7 and 7 Plus to celebrate the company's 10-year partnership with (RED), an organization that finances programs to help prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV.Customers of Apple can contribute to the global Fund to fight AIDS with an iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus (product)Red Special Edition.
Part of the red iPhone sales will go to an organization in which Apple has contributed more than $ 130 million during the partnership.
Prices for the red iPhone, scheduled to be available in Apple stores on Friday, will start at $ 749 for the 128GB model.
Edit The Video Using Clips
Apple has also announced Clips, a new video editing app. The software is designed to combine photos, videos and music without time frames or complicated tools.The real-time filter, emoticons and other effects available in the clips, you can add fun to any photo or video.Its LiveTitles function allows You to use your voice to create animated titles and subtitles. As you say, the titles appear on the screen perfectly synchronized with your speech. You can edit the names with a tap.Included comic filters, as well as support for speech bubbles and shapes. You can also use the program to create full-screen posters with animated backgrounds.Dozens of music soundtracks are available for the Content you create with the app. What's more, the app will automatically crop them to fit your production.In April, the clips, running on iOS 10.3 and compatible with iPhone 5s or later, all iPad Air and Pro models, iPad mini 2 and above and iPod touch 6th generation models.

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