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Garmin's new Vivosport is the perfect lightweight smart activity tracker

Garmin's new Vivosport is the perfect lightweight smart activity tracker
If you want to get pretty much all the benefits of a smartwatch without a watch, and track your activity and athletic performance with tools that are more than up to the task, Garmin Vivosport is a strong option, with a price tag that is well suited to most specialized smartwatches. It works well with both Android and iOS devices, has a built-in heart rate tracker and GPS, and provides access to all kinds of preset activity types for a range of workout options.
Vivosport is the first Garmin I've used for any significant period of time, and it's proven to be a capable companion in both smartwatch and activity tracker. Lightweight group, mainly polymer and silicone, specially reinforced glass protecting the transflective touch screen. It is waterproof for wear while swimming, too, and it can last up to a week while working in the mode smartwatch, or eight hours of dedicated use of GPUs, figures which were backed up by my tests, and usually for four or five days of use between charges along with daily track running.
Vivosport's small screen has a resolution of only 72 x 144 pixels, but it's perfectly readable in bright sunlight and dark thanks to the backlight. It is also touch sensitive, and the user interface is designed to maximize the information and readability while minimizing the input needed in mind. I found that sometimes it's frustrating to get it moving forward or backward, with an entrance leading to wrong action, but mostly interacting with the device on my wrist was easy enough overall.What I really liked about Vivosport is that It offered the right amount of smart features, with a low profile and user-friendly design, perfect for all-day use. Vivosport is the perfect companion for those who don't wear a watch at all, in fact, or for those who want to wear it, as well as wearing a traditional wristwatch on the other hand (I fall into this last category).
The flexible silicone used in the integrated band is also the strength of this device against other similar products. It is elastic enough that you can get a nice, secure fit using a chic designed clasp (which also has a great Catcher to keep the excess band in control). You can easily find a fit that seems tight enough that you get good readings from the optical heart rate monitor on the underside of Vivosport, and not be so tight or inflexible that it feels uncomfortable to wear.
Vivosport also doesn't need you near your phone to work – it won't receive smart notifications if you're not around your device, but it can track launches and other activities on its own, and store up to 7 Total synced activities or 14 days of activity tracking data between syncs. It connects to your device via Bluetooth Smart, and it's dead simple to set up and activate, too.
Additional features include the ability to provide basic weather information, and find my phone functions and remote control for Garmin virb action camera just add to the total cost, but You shouldn't really use any of these things to make the most of Vivosport, which in the soul is a great, informative activity monitor that can track sleep automatically increase your step goal based on your fitness level, and even automatically pause your workout, and in the process. I especially liked the Move IQ feature, which automatically detects activity even if you forgot to start it manually, which
In summary, Garmin's Vivosport is what offers all of the smartwatch features most users have options, along with key health and fitness elements that could inspire better habits and improve existing treatments for supporters of an active lifestyle. If I could change anything, I would replace the branded charing cable (as that means you'll have to buy a new one if you lose it), but Vivosport's asking price of $199.99 is a good deal for everything you get, from a color touch screen to a week of battery life and connected smartphone features.

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